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Our activities have introduced to many leading companies who have quality products and services at great rates!

Getting Started with Players Capital Group

All you need to get started is internet access and a computer. The more robust your technology hub the more you’ll be able to do, but with even just a smartphone you will be able to stay informed of the many opportunities we make available to you. Start

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We’re Market Makers

A market maker stands ready acting as a seller to all buyers and a buyer to all sellers. He knows what’s happening in his market. Who is buying, who is selling, if supply is up, if demand is down and a dozen other daily indicators. He’s up to

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Are you a law firm looking to attract clients?

As an attorney, you bring value to your client in many ways… You make sure he is compliant. You advise him on risk and liability issues. You make sure the agreements he enters into are in his favor. Clients are hard to find. Most people don’t realize that

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Corporate Exit Strategies

Thinking About Selling Your Company? Think about the importance of the decision you are making when you decide to sell the business that has been your life for a decade or three. This is a milestone event, something you do once or very few times in your lifetime,

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Expedited Business Capital

Speed is our business! Revenue and EBITDA Minimums Revenue: $5 million+ Proforma EBITDA: Run rate of 250K per quarter Situations We’ve Financed Refinancings Turnarounds Bridge Capital Pre-IPO Funding Acquisition Financing Stretch Piece Management Buyouts  When to Choose Players Capital If your company does not have liquidity If your company already

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Debt Restructuring

With a good plan, debt can be stretched out or delayed or simply reduced. The law is clear on this and allows the debtor many options to address these issues. But, you only have one chance to make this work. Positioned thoughtfully and strategically, much can be accomplished but

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The Manhattan Project

Every dot on this map represents a private equity investment group with over a billion dollars of “dry powder” or immediately investable cash. Some of them have over $100 billion! Many of our partners played here and we frequently entertain the investors that control this capital at Madison

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Industry Categories

Companies are catalogued by the business world by what they do.  There are eleven major sectors, with their respective industries, sub-industries, and niches. There are several formats for these categorizations, but the predominant one is the Global Industry Classification System (GICS) Table Header Table Header Table Header Table

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Learning Management

Optimize your performance. Our consultants can help you optimize your Learning Management System and the infrastructure around it to accelerate talent potential.

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Project Management

Stay on target. Our IT project management team help companies stay on target through proven delivery and management methods with years of professional expertise.

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Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

We will help you be more efficient, sustainable, and knowledgeable with your energy sourcing. Long term established relationships with over thirty electricity and natural gas suppliers covering client needs across the country.  We assist commercial, industrial, manufacturing, government, corporate, franchise, educational, and charitable clients achieve optimal solutions specific

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Black Capital Matters

At Players Capital Group, we have a unique perspective on racism, equality and the American dream. We are a group of former and current professional athletes of all races. We’ve all worked together in the ultimate industry of teamwork, where racism was an absolute detriment to our success.

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Private Equity Deal Origination

Let us ramp up your deal flow! There are many ways that corporate investor groups source opportunities, and they range from the laughably inefficient to tremendously focused and effective. At the lower end of these efforts are obvious form letters from obviously junior associates of firms that are

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Our Unique Capital

Financial capital is the money, credit, and other forms of funding that build wealth. Political capital refers to the trust and influence that politicians or organizations earn or build up through the pursuit of policies that people like or respect. Intellectual capital refers to the intangible assets that contribute to a company’s bottom

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Understanding Liquidity

As someone who has spent their working life creating and building a successful company, you have probably accumulated significant assets. Your portfolio could include any combination of cash, real estate, stocks, bonds, annuities, insurance policies and precious metals. Some investors trade more complicated instruments like commodity futures or

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Ever Sold a Company?

You may be the smartest guy in your industry, and you may have built a giant empire, but selling a business is not the same thing as building one. Watch what happens when Bill Gates, founder of the biggest software company in history, steps out of his area

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We Play From The Blue Tees

Recently a group of Players Capital Group senior partners showed up at a golf course in North Carolina hoping to get in a round the day before some important meetings were to begin. The course was crowded, so the starter paired them with two other golfers at the

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Mergers and Acquisitions

There are over twelve million privately held businesses in the USA and Canada. Most of them are too small for us to bother with. A small fraction are too big for us and are the exclusive domain of the largest investment banks in the country. That leaves over

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Our Core Services

Take our Corporate Tuneup!

This is Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, NY. There are hundreds of private investment groups within a mile of this storied venue who control trillions of dollars of investment capital. Many of our partners played here and we frequently entertain the investors that control this capital at New York Rangers home games. This is a very effective way to drive deals and cultivate relationships!

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