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There are over twelve million privately held businesses in the USA and Canada. Most of them are too small for us to bother with. A small fraction are too big for us and are the exclusive domain of the largest investment banks in the country. That leaves over 700,000 companies that fit our parameters. 

Our typical client is someone who has built a successful company and now wants to sell all or part of it and either slow doen or completely retire. At any given time, over half of the owners at companies on the list below are willing to entertain an offer or actively pursuing an exit. With over 700,000 companies in this pool, there is an inexhaustible supply of business.


Annual Revenues # Privately Held US Companies 
Less than $500,000              5,804,537
$500,000-1 Million              3,012,600
$1-$2.5 Million              1,905,292
$2.5-$5 Million                 729,262
$5-$10 Million                 398,285
$10-$20 Million                 190,484
$20-$50 Million                 123,037
$50-$100 Million                    42,083
$100-$500 Million                    27,350
$500m-$1 Billion                      3,466
Over $1 Billion                      4,770
$5-500 Million                 781,239
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The financial world  and governments everywhere use the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) to categorize every type of corporate activity. We use these codes to identify supply and demand in the corporate acquisition marketplace.

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This is Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, NY. There are hundreds of private investment groups within a mile of this storied venue who control trillions of dollars of investment capital. Many of our partners played here and we frequently entertain the investors that control this capital at New York Rangers home games. This is a very effective way to drive deals and cultivate relationships!

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