We are rolling out all over North America

Step by step, we have a plan to become a dominant player in the financial and marketing industries.


We have created a platform for retired professional athletes that transforms the hard work and sacrifice of their sports career into real income opportunities and post career fulfillment and job satisfaction.

People have been trying to unite the world of ex-pro athletes under one roof for business purposes for a long time, but none of those attempts have ever been successful until now because they didn’t have a competitive edge, didn’t offer the consumer a compelling value proposition, or required the athlete to take unwise financial risk.

There are well known ex-pro athletes in every major city in North America, and every one of them has contacts, influence, impressive presence and the huge brand loyalty of the teams they played for. These are huge assets that become very powerful when used in a coordinated manner with lucrative business models. It would cost untold millions to recreate the network we’ve always had but have never activated if you could do it at all. Our ever-growing network gives us unique connectivity that is valuable to investors, corporations, professional service providers and consumers. 

Just like in sports, we are organized around the fundamentals of the game. If you are a football team and you can’t block and tackle, you can’t win. If you are a hockey team and you can’t skate or handle the puck you can’t winOur operations are completely aligned with the fundamentals of business success, and there are two of them that are more important than any other:


How does that apply to us? There is a never ending supply of companies looking for opportunities to sell all or part of their enterprise and there is never ending demand from investors looking for those companies to invest in. 


How does that apply to us? Our cost basis for reaching out to investors managing billions of dollars is negligible, and they are willing to pay us six and seven figure fees to do what is hard for them and easy for us. There are no fees to join us, and with us you need nothing more than a cell phone and  a laptop to be fully operational.


We only participate in activities where our unique selling proposition gives us a clear competitive advantage. Right now, our core business is:


Most of what we do is in the middle market, privately held companies between $20 million and $200m in sales.

  • We help the richest investor groups in the world with billions of dollars under management find companies to  invest in.
  • We help entrepreneurs that are looking to sell all or part of their companies find buyers.

Sometimes, we work for the buyers, sometime we work for the sellers.

The buyers and sellers at this level have a hard time finding each other because it’s a very inefficient market. For all the “dry powder” the investors have (literally trillions) they are still nameless faceless suits to the people and companies they would like to invest in.

And entrepreneurs who are building and running businesses are far more likely to answer an inquiry from us than someone they’ve never heard of.

A perfect example of this is an investor group in New York City that invests in privately held industrial companies. If that investor has his eye on a factory in Chicago, he could try to reach the CEO through the myriad levels of insulation all busy high level executives have, and maybe he ‘ll get lucky. Usually he doesn’t. However, if that initial overture had come from someone he remembers from the Blackhawks or the Bears or the Cubs, that call might get returned right away.

The business development aspect of M&A is where we excel. We are experts in connecting supply and demand, not analyzing balance sheets and cash flow. But we don’t need that kind of expertise. When you unite a willing buyer and a wiling seller, and they can agree on a price, the deal always works itself out. 

We have earned many six-figure success fees in our history, and we are now stepping into deeper waters with even bigger companies.


We’ve talked a lot about the unique components of our network. Every time we add a member we become more effective.

Every time we add a new member, our network gets a little bit more powerful. Every one of us knows dynamic people who can benefit from our connectivity. Every new city we begin operations we will eventually dominate simply because the competitors in our tight business niches can’t deliver the value we can.


There are fifty cities in North America with at least one team in the “Big 4” of pro sports, and we are building our own team in every one of them. It is our goal to be the dominant business influencers in every market by bringing relationship-based value to the most influential people in the city. Every one of these markets will be a lucrative profit center. Every one of these markets has companies looking to acquire companies, companies looking for an exit strategy, and companies that can use our sales channels.

Every one of these markets is a unique ecosystem, and every one will become a profit center for us. Professional athletes are the most recognizable members of every one of these communities, and our ability to aggregate supply and demand in any one of them is powerful. When we link these individual markets to each other in our national database in real time, we become exponentially more powerful in each one of them. A good idea or an effective product or service being launched in any city can quickly me brought to the other 49.

Detroit, like every other major league city, has many submarkets that offer that same opportunities the bigger markets do.

Every major league market has its submarkets, and the value propositions are the same. Business in the secondary markets flow through and are considered a part of their respective major league market.


We build the platform in two ways:

  1. Using LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter and email to deliver our value propositions with website articles, event calendars, and testimonials. We develop the material in-house, share it with the members, and they share it with the world.
  2. By cultivating relationships instead of transactions. We help a company at any stage of their existence. When you deliver what people want and need instead of what serves your own needs, people appreciate it and remember you.


If you played in the NFL, you probably did wind sprints and grass drills until you puked. If you played in the NHL, you probably endured a lot of ten hour bus rides on your way up to the show. If you played on the PGA tour, you undoubtedly spent thousands of hours on the practice tee and putting green.

But you didn’t get there yourself. You had coaches that pushed you, held you accountable and made you better. We will support you, train you and help you maximize your experience. Once you’re comfortable, we’ll expect you to mentor others like a veteran player on your old teams.


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