What Makes Us So Special?

Business is all about the creation and delivery of value to the marketplace

People have been trying to unite the world of ex-professional athletes for business purposes for years. It’s never worked until now, simply because the athletes themselves never offered any real value to anyone, other than the relatively small amount of goodwill associated with their status as an ex-pro.  Former pro athletes are in high demand for autograph signings, charity events, podcasts and personal appearances but those are hard to monetize in a meaningful way.

What we did on the field back in the day was thrilling, but they are simply memories now.

The question is what value do we have today?

For all the money they have, the richest real estate and corporate acquisition investors managing billions of dollars of investment capital are usually completely unknown to most of the people they want to do business with. So are the companies they run. For that reason, our notoriety and connectivity has tremendous value to them. They are more than happy to give us their investment mandates and pay us to connect them with the companies that fit their parameters. Similarly, the founders and owners of the companies that publicly traded companies and private equity groups want to buy always take us very seriously and are willing to talk to us to gauge their interest in selling, buying other companies, or borrowing money.

As ex-pro athletes, we’re all very interesting guys with some great stories, but only collectively do we have a value proposition. Our ability to get people’s attention and bang down doors is in great demand. We are perfectly positioned to do a tremendous amount of lucrative business at the highest level of the business world with little to no risk to ourselves.

To build Boeing, General Motors or General Electric, they had to capitalize their operations with income producing assets. Most of those assets were tangible things like real estate, vehicles, machinery and raw materials. In the last century they’ve spent billions of dollars to become market leaders.

We’ve capitalized our operations over a century and a half ourselves, since professional sports started in 1876, and we did it one pushup, one bench press, one wind sprint, one twelve hour bus ride, and one cracked rib at a time. Instead of huge amounts of expensive depreciating physical asets, our assets are entirely intangible, but they are massive.  When we put these assets to work in a coordinated manner, we will have one of the most powerful networks in the world. What are those assets?

Enormous Brand Loyalty

Take a look at the brands below. Our brand is an combination of the name recognition of all of them, and every one of these brands have fiercely loyal followers. You have the brand loyalty of every team you played for, and by extension , all of the teams you played against.

Major League Baseball
National Football League
National Basketball Association
National Hockey League

Our Geographic Footprint

The major league sports markets contain most of the Fortune 500 and major universities in the country. The influential people we want to interact with are graduates of the same universities we attended, and run the companies we want to do business with. 

Our Social Media Presence

We are the biggest social media influencers in the world, with millions of followers on multiple platforms. When we band together and start using social media in an intelligent and coordinated manner we will have a free tool that costs us nothing to use and reaches almost every consumer in the country. Our cost basis is negligible. Someone else bought and maintains the servers. Someone else invested the seed money that became LinkedIN, Facebook and Instagram. There is no more powerful medium in the world right now, it costs us little to nothing to use it, and for all intents and purposes we are the most visible users.

Our Undeniable Cachet

We pack stadiums… bankers, investors and attorneys don’t.


Consider this: Players from the New York Yankees, the New York Rangers, or the New York Giants do not pay to watch investment bankers or private equity barons work, but those guys all pay thousands and thousands to watch us work. Even the biggest of them is less recognizable than someone who hit .220 for the Yankees, came off the bench for the Knicks, or played on the fourth line for the Rangers, and they know that. That’s why they are only too happy to give us their investment mandates and pay us six and seven figure commissions to help them deploy the billions they manage.

Below you see the biggest names in venture capital and private equity.

How many of their people have you ever heard of? Our point exactly.

The connectivity we’ve described also applies to the rest of the business world as well, including professional service providers, like attorneys, accountants and bankers who are the trusted advisors of the people we do business with. Here are our value propositions to them:





Our unique assets allow us to operate at the hub of many spokes, all of them being the most important segments of the world’s economy.

This is our call to action:

We have highly respected people with contacts, influence and reach everywhere in the country, we have billions of dollars of investment capital available, and we are here to help you”.

Who else can say this? This network didn’t spring up overnight. It took 148 years for us to develop the most powerful network that nobody has ever heard of, but that is about to change!

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