is a private investment and marketing partnership of former professional athletes. We were created by athletes, for athletes and we approach the business world with the same passion and intensity we had back in the day. 

The opportunities are out there. Can you capitalize on them?

Former professional athletes make very effective investment bankers and marketers.  Let us help you rack up the wins!

Connecting people is what we do. We have contacts and influence we can put to work for you using our national footprint and access to exclusive top tier venues that make it easy to drive deals.

We have some unique abilities that other companies just can’t match…

We used to work down on the field, the track, the court and the ice. Now we’ve moved upstairs to the skybox and the boardroom, where we interact regularly with the same executives, bankers and investors that had season  tickets to watch us play.

Here are some of the things we do:

This is where professional sports in America are played. We’re everywhere you are!

We have a strong presence in Manhattan, where over half the capital in the world resides.

Who are these people and why does it matter?

They’re the bankers, attorneys and accountants who your success depends on.

A business deal of any importance requires the assistance of attorneys, accountants and bankers. They are trusted by their clients. Without their expert advice one would have to navigate dangerous minefields on their own.   

They have their own problems to deal with, and the biggest one is the fact that they are all in highly regulated industries. It’s tough for them to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

We have ways for them to do just that, and we can use that ability for your benefit. A relationship with us helps them be far more than just an expensive necessity; rather, we help them become a driver for their client’s growth.

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