Did you ever play in one of these leagues? If you were a professional athlete you need to read this!

How do you go from this...

To this?

You knew this day was coming!

Is your current job as rewarding as your job as a player?

Do you feel challenged and motivated?

Are you eager to get to work every day?

Are you happy with your income?

If you don’t like your own answers to these questions you should keep reading. This could be what you’ve been looking for!

We are Players Capital Group, a private investment banking partnership formed by ex-professional athletes,  and we’d like to talk to you about the next stage of your life.

While you were in the big leagues you were an essential member of an elite organization, and although playing the game was one hell of a way to make a living you knew that the paychecks and the spotlight would eventually end. But even if you diligently prepared for life after sport, there was no possible way to adequately prepare for the sudden lack of camaraderie with other alpha high flyers and the pride that goes along with the high expectations and competitive structure of an elite organization. When you retired from your playing career that identity retired along with you and you probably learned very quickly that you were on your own.  

What didn’t retire with you were the skills and contacts you made along the way. Most professional athletes we know are sophisticated, educated, and articulate. The image of the dumb athlete disappeared decades ago. Most of us have spent plenty of time in a college classroom, whether we graduated or left college early to turn pro. Many of us developed outstanding social skills during our careers and learned how to deal with the public with confidence.  That skill and polish goes a long way when you are helping us manage relationships with multi-billion dollar private equity firms and hedge funds.

When you were in the big leagues, everywhere you went you were usually the richest guy in the room. Now, we are usually the poorest and the dumbest guys at many gatherings we are a part of, and that’s the way we like it. In the NFL or NHL you may have made millions a year for a decade, but with us you’ll be dealing with guys that made as much or more than you ever did that had no athletic talent whatsoever, just their intelligence and wit. They don’t need your money, which is a very good thing. When you signed your first pro contract you found yourself surrounded by competitive guys that would knock you on your ass if you let up for an instant, which made for a very interesting life. Now you’ll be surrounding yourself with a different type of competitor and this is what our partners enjoy the most.

We interact on a daily basis with exciting and innovative people who have built empires. These are guys and gals who are fundamentally just like you; the ones that survived and prospered in the face of tough competition. We’ve found that we are a lot like them and we really enjoy the interactions. Most business people admire athletes they used to watch and take any opportunity to rub elbows with them. They enjoy the stories. They like to ask questions. They see the same drive in us as they saw in themselves. Professional athletes, even the journeymen, are members of a very exclusive club, and ours is an occupation where membership in that club is excellent currency. Dealmaking is all about access. 

At the end of their careers, most pro players have met many well connected people with whom they can connect with in the business arena. Individually, we all know many successful and influential people but collectively our Roledex is astounding, and with those contacts we can provide connectivity the business world has never seen before. That connectivity has tremendous value to people at the highest level of the business heirarchy.

This is the perfect business for a professional athlete to transition into…

People have been trying to unite the world of ex-professional athletes for years. Not much has ever come of it until now because the athletes themselves never brought any real value to the business arena. How much is a podcast, an autograph or a personal appearance really worth? 

To make real money you need real business models wrapped around products and services that are in high demand and you must be able to deliver them more efficiently than your competitors.  We use our unique network to help the richest real estate and private equity investors in the world deploy the billions of dollars they manage. They are more than happy to pay us to connect them with the companies that fit their investment goals.

We are also developing unique sales and marketing channels that couldn’t be created by anyone that didn’t have the collective contacts and influence that we have. When fully built out, those channels will be an incredibly efficient and lucrative distribution network, and we will be a very powerful group.

We pack stadiums…  bankers, investors and entrepreneurs don’t. That’s why people return our calls.

For all the money they have, it is still very hard for them to do for themselves what comes easy to us, which is to arrange introductions and conversations with the decision makers they want to do business with.

It would take an enormous amount of money for someone to recreate the network we already have in place, if they could do it at all.



Let’s take a look at the elements of our network that set us apart:

Brand Recognition

Take a look at the brands below. Our brand is an amalgamation of the name recognition and loyalty of all of them, and every one of these brands have fiercely loyal followers.

National Football League
Major League Baseball
National Hockey League
National Basketball Association

Our Geographic Footprint

There are retired major league athletes in every major city in America. We have someone close to everyone in the Fortune 500 and the Inc 5000. This enables us to develop productive relationships at very low cost and there is business we can do with all of them. We are building a team in every one of these markets.

The maps above and below nearly mirror each other!

Our Alumni Footprint

If you played at the collegiate level there will be influential fellow alumni you can connect with at corporations we want to do business with.  

Our Social Media Presence

We are the biggest influencers in the world, with millions of followers on multiple platforms. 

Our footprint, our alumni relations, our social media bullhorn and our reputation as elite performers have allowed us to develop relationships with investor groups who manage billions of dollars of institutional capital, and the number of those relationships continue to grow. Our social media channels also help us develop relationships with public and private companies looking for ways to promote their brands and sell products and services.  

This is our call to action:

We have highly respected people with contacts, influence and reach everywhere in the country, we have billions of dollars of investment capital available, and we are here to help you”.

Who else can say this? This network didn’t spring up overnight. We’ve just never taken advantage of it. We’ve been capitalizing this brand one wind sprint, one pushup and one bench press at a time since professional sports started over a hundred and twenty years ago, and now we are going to build it out for the benefit of us all. 

Remember what it’s like walking into the locker room the first morning you were on a new team? So do we. We’ll welcome you to the team and teach you the playbook quickly. With us there is no salary cap and you won’t be a rookie long!

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