Our Rapid Response Team

Recently we received a call from our friends at Iron Claim, the pre-eminent public adjusting firm in the world. Public adjusters represent insured people against their own insurers. Most people don’t realize that when your home or business burns to the ground or is destroyed by some other misfortune you don’t have to automatically accept […]

A Unique Form of Capital

Financial capital is the money, credit, and other forms of funding that build wealth. Political capital refers to the trust and influence that politicians or organizations earn or build up through the pursuit of policies that people like or respect. Intellectual capital refers to the intangible assets that contribute to a company’s bottom line. These assets include the expertise of employees, organizational […]

The Players Capital Footprint

There are fifty major league cities in North America, and we are building a team in every one of them. Each one of these markets has a unique economy interconnected with all others. Our business models connect investors and customers with others everywhere else. Some of these markets are bigger than others, but they all […]

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