Are you a law firm looking to attract clients?

As an attorney, you bring value to your client in many ways… You make sure he is compliant. You advise him on risk and liability issues. You make sure the agreements he enters into are in his favor. Clients are hard to find. Most people don’t realize that lawyers have to prospect for business just […]

Is your bank interested in customer retention?

Frequently we are invited to lunch by aggressive bankers looking for dealflow. They all tell us “You are buying and selling companies and we have money to lend for those transactions!” While we enjoyed meeting them, they didn’t realize the inherent weakness in their value proposition. Having money to lend is great. But so does […]

Are you CPA firm looking to increase revenues?

Does this sound familiar? Your client calls and asks for all the tax returns and P&L’s you generated for him over the last five years. You provide them and one day you learn that he has sold his business and retired. If you’re lucky, you prepare one more tax return and never hear from him […]

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