C-Suite Toolkit

Frequently, an entrepreneur that starts out on a small scale outgrows his CFO, which may have even been himself, his wife, or a trusted friend. When an enterprise grows, it is nearly impossible to efficiently¬†manage every line item on the P&L and balance sheet. When we meet a company that is not ready for a […]

Financial Industry Placement Services

At Players Capital Group, we have a unique perspective on racism, equality and the American dream. We are a group of former and current professional athletes of all races. We’ve all worked together in the ultimate industry of teamwork, where racism was an absolute detriment to our success. No professional team in sports could be […]

The Manhattan Project

Every dot on this map represents a private equity investment group with over a billion dollars of “dry powder” or immediately investable cash. Some of them have over $100 billion! Many of our partners played here and we frequently entertain the investors that control this capital at Madison Square Garden during New York Rangers home […]

Industry Categories

Companies are catalogued by the business world by what they do.  There are eleven major sectors, with their respective industries, sub-industries, and niches. There are several formats for these categorizations, but the predominant one is the Global Industry Classification System (GICS) Table Header Table Header Table Header Table Header Content Content Content Content