We’re Rule Breakers

When you look at Mergers and Acquisitions firms advertising their intermediary services in the lower middle market anywhere in the country, you will notice that most of them are franchisees of one of a half dozen or so national agencies. What that tells us is a half dozen guys are writing the playbook for the […]

We’re Risk Takers

Calculated risk takers, that is.  We live in the real world with real expectations. Whether we are investing for our own account or in partnership with others, we understand that a good opportunity doesn’t stay on the market for long, and a great deal rarely even sees the open market. But if you’re ever going […]

We’re Market Makers

A market maker stands ready acting as a seller to all buyers and a buyer to all sellers. He knows what’s happening in his market. Who is buying, who is selling, if supply is up, if demand is down and a dozen other daily indicators. He’s up to date an all the recent transactions. We’re […]

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