Investment Opportunity -- Transformative Electric Motor Technology

Announcing new technology that is far superior to anything in today’s automotive electric engine market.

It is now inevitable that electric vehicles (EV) will replace the internal combustion engine (ICE). Every major automobile company is now rushing to position themselves in the inevitable critical mass of change that is now forming.

Although it is inevitable that electric cars are the wave of the future, the technology of electric motors and the charging market that will enable mass adoption is still in its infancy.

A-Flux Technologies is now announcing the S-One Electric engine. This is patented technology with definitive proof of concept established at RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the premier engineering university in Europe.

The S-One from A-Flux Technologies

  • Eliminates the need for a transmission
  • Half the weight and size of conventional electric motors
  • Half the production cost of today’s electric motors 
  • Twice the power of today’s electric motors
  • Far simpler to manufacture
  • Multiple additional models and markets with minimal additional engineering
  • Long-term roadmap allows for great up-side engineering advances with our architecture technologies
  • Highly Scalable – from very small to very large

Our Key Advantage: Thermal Management

An electric motor can produce theoretically infinite power and torque if all “thermal energy” losses can be eliminated and abducted. What limits an electric motor is primarily the heat generated in multiple areas and in particular in the coils. By maximizing the abduction of heat directly off the coils, not only we can maximize the power and torque of the electric motor, but also, we ensure that the power and torque can be delivered over an indefinite period.

Intellectual Property

We have been granted a utility patent blocking all other electric motor companies from achieving the same performance results, we have four other provisional patents submitted, and four more in the pipeline.

Once developed, whoever has access to this technology will enjoy insurmountable competitive advantages, forcing all to eventually adopt.

Among the world leading automotive companies that have executed non-disclosure agreements and declared their intention to purchase prototypes for in-house testing are :

We have a go to market strategy of two phases:

  • Phase 1: Electric Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles
  • Phase 2: Wind Turbines and Drones

We have a highly viable risk reduction strategy:

Our strategy to entering the market and building a sustainable long-term business has numerous technical and financial benefits. These benefits will accrue to both customers/development partners and the company’s investors, and are chiefly:

  • Limiting in-house production facilities to a small scale, essentially operating within the R&D center limits CapEx throughout the company’s life; reduces investment risk; and likely eliminates the need for periodic future infusions of capital for facilities, plant, and equipment. If A – Flux can work collaboratively with parties that already maintain fixed capital in manufacturing plant, there is no value to be derived from duplicating these resources.
  • Licensing intellectual property and leveraging technical expertise and agility to partner with manufacturers in the development of next generation A – Flux motor technology. This is high added value services and will produce high margin recurring cash flows.
  • Our architecture reduces challenges of supply chain management and logistics. A single facility could manufacture every component needed in the design from raw materials, limiting subcontracting to injection molding and certain other specialized services. Adoption of A – Flux technology means a reduction in supply chain complexity to OEMs or Tier-1s.

Players Capital Group has been asked to identify a qualified investor group to help the company become a market leader. The ideal group has experience in industrial and manufacturing applications, the business acumen and experience to help a technically oriented group understand and navigate the emerging electric vehicle market, and a track record of success.

We seek USD $10,000,000 for a 25% stake in the company, and the successful partner for us will strike the right balance between an aggressive path to market and the patience to do all the right things while on that path. Our engineering team stands ready to explain the details to your team.

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