We apologize in advance that we are about to give you our second most profitable business proposition in terms of investments and return. Our most profitable proposal would be that we start up a professional data hacking business…

But since we’re law abiding folks, we’ll give you the next best option:

Allow us to address a trillion-dollar problem:

Cyber Crime is Rampant, and Current Security Falls Pitifully Short

Every one of the organizations below, as well as the US Government are among the most sophisticated and security conscious organizations in the world, but they have all suffered costly and embarrassing data breaches. Clearly, today’s gold standard of cloud security barely reaches the level of bronze. If there was an unhackable cloud, these groups could certainly afford it. And the companies we mention above are just a fraction of a much larger pool of victims that are just as famous as these ones. 

Billions are spent each year on security technology, so why do data breaches still occur daily?

Simple. The internet and cloud hosting platforms grew from their infancy to today’s behemoth under collaborations from thousands of developers and open-source solutions without a comprehensive security plan in place from the beginning. Cloud security has been a reactive concept from its very inception. Here are four fun facts that would make great bullet points in a pitch deck for a cloud hacking startup:

  • Data has become the most valuable business asset of the 21st century.
  • The cloud computing market is projected to grow from $676.29 billion in 2024 to $2.29 trillion by 2032, a CAGR of 16.5%.
  • Data Volume is Exploding. 90% of the world’s data was generated in the last two years alone.
  • The cost of cybercrime is estimated to grow from $8 trillion in 2023 to over $10 trillion in 2025.


This bodes well for the hackers. Cybercrime is the fastest growth industry on the planet, fueled by the ability of criminals to access, steal, and monetize data. As long as there are flaws in the system, hackers are immensely motivated to defeat new protocols. They will invest just as much in their illegal toolboxes as the people that are trying to protect us will invest in countermeasures. Without a complete paradigm shift, this cat and mouse game will never end.

Today’s method of cloud security is to control access to the environment itself, using layers of technology. What if the data itself were so secure that even if hackers were to worm their way through all the other layers of security, it could not be understood? That simple idea is the heart of the Verai Systems solution – Protect the Data Itself!

Doubleknot is a proprietary method of rendering data anonymous, indecipherable, and unusable by anyone except an authorized user – in use, at rest or in transmission. It applies two-way symmetric encryption which is not mathematically possible to hack. Through Doubleknot, the data is transformed into an undecipherable maze of endless numbers and letters, making it useless to anyone except its owner.

The Value Proposition

For Customers – The message is simple but enormously powerful. Verai Systems solutions offer the highest possible security at the lowest possible cost. Valuable business data can hide in plain sight, because Doubleknot enables a much greater level of defense by securing the data itself. This in turn enables the utilization of storage technologies and environments that are far less costly, yet even more secure!

For Investors – The message is also simple but powerful. Verai Systems addresses trillion-dollar problems in dramatically growing markets with unique patented technologies. As these solutions come to market, multiple revenue streams will open up to diversify an investor’s risk while providing opportunites for a greater return on investment.

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