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Here are some things you can do to get started


You can work with us full time or part time.

Full time partners are involved in all aspects of the Mergers and Acquisitions business, and manage our relationships with the world’s biggest companies and investment groups. Part time partners may have other business interests and job responsibilities, but are still willing and able to cultivate relationships, develop opportunities and work on deals. You can also work with us on an opportunistic basis, when any of the opportunities we regularly publish matches something in your universe.

There are several roles in or group and ways to make a difference. We aim to grab and consolidate power with our unique capabilities, and there is plenty of work to be done:

  • You can be a builder. We are rolling out all over the country. Help us develop the infrastructur and new business models that will drive us forward.
  • You can be a rainmaker. Bring deals to the table we can team up on and close.
  • You can be a dealmaker. Help us work M&A deals, working with buyers and sellers in the deal process.
  • You can be a recruiter. Help us build out our teams in every major city.
  • You can be a techie. If you have podcasting skills, programming skills, or connections to cutting edge IT sources we will find a way to use those skills and get you paid for your time. We’ve seen the techology that the biggest players in the world are using right now and we can improve on it.


All you need to get started is internet access and a computer. The more robust your technology hub the more you’ll be able to do, but with even just a smartphone and a laptop you will be able to stay informed of the many opportunities we make available to you.

We understand that your sports career probably didn’t help you develop the tech skills that are practically mandatory to succeed in business. You may not be highly computer literate, and if you’re not we will work with you.  Not everything we do requires hard core tech skills. But just by learning some basic skills we can put you in a position to learn on your own and gain proficiency.  

Over the years, we’ve come to learn that someone who is computer illiterate is to the business world as someone who can’t skate is to the NHL. But you can gain a basic level of proficiency without a huge investment of time, and we’ve also found that once someone invests a little time in their information management skill set, they learn quickly and it becomes much easier. Bottom line, don’t let your lack of computer experience hold you back. You are an asset to us no matter what you know, and we’ll work as hard with you as you work with us to help you thrive.


We’ve already invested in the tools you need to be successful. We developed these tools over several years through trial and error and we continue to upgrade. They are intuitive and user friendly.

Data Management

We’ll give you an electronic dashboard to keep track of everyone you deal with. We’ve catalogued thousands of multimillion dollar investment groups and hundreds of thousands of potential acquisition targets.

Communication Tools

These Google tools are entirely free and help us confer with each other in real time and regularly inform you about new supply and demand as well as best practices and continuous additions to our knowledge base

Social Media Tools

We have huge social media followings and we use social media efficiently to introduce ourselves and our services. We are the biggest influencers in the world, with millions of followers on multiple platforms. 






When we band together and start using social media in an intelligent and coordinated manner we will have a network that costs us nothing to use and reaches almost every consumer in the country. There are no significant costs. Someone else pays for the servers. Someone else invested the seed money that became the platforms. There is no more powerful medium in the world, it costs us little to nothing to use it, and for all intents and purposes we are the most visible users.

Marketing Tools

Our email campaigns have outstanding open rates and help us make direct contact with important people in the financial world. We’ll teach you how to get your message to your target and not end up in the spam filter.


Our website features blog entries, value propositions and product and service offerings.  Reposting these will boost your visibility, help you build influence and make you money. 



We’ll school you on how to get deals up and running and how we close them and get paid. Helping people buy and sell companies is our core business, and we have several other business models in development.

Here are your quickest paths to money:

  • Bring us a company looking for new ownership or partners, and we’ll find a buyer, close the deal and get you paid one third of the fee we generate. You need not work the deal. All you have to do is make the introduction.
  • Be part of the deal team and help us close deals that you or someone else brings us.
  • Bring us an investor looking to acquire companies. If that investor buys a company we introduced him to, you will be paid 25% of the fee we generate.When you join us we will assign you several multi-billion dollar groups to create and cultivate a relationship
  • Bring us a minority candidate we can place with an investor group or corporation.
  • Bring us a vendor we can represent in our professional services catalogue.
  • Bring us an institutional finance source who will invest with investor groups we know.

We’ll give you concise explanations and updates of these business models regularly.


We’ll build you a profile on our website that will memorialize your athletic career and promote your own business interests as well as our mutual interests. We’ll make you look good!

All partner profiles allow for a personal section highlighting that partner’s personal company or even his employer’s. When you add a link to your personal email address’ signature block, and direct your business contacts to visit, you have a powerful tool that gives you many ways to cash in.

Here's a sample of what your profile will look like.


Right away we will assign you a number of national investment groups with hundreds of millions of dollars or more under management to develop and maintain relationships with. Your job is simple; meet with them, learn their investment parameters and enter them in our national database of private investment demand. 

The other relationships you want to  immediately cultivate are the senior managers at the top accounting firms, business law firms and banks in your area. There is tremendous synergy between us and those professional service providers. Click below to see blog posts on our website that convey our value proposition to them. A partnership with us can help them bring more value to their customer relationships and make them a driver for their client’s growth rather than just an expensive necessity. 

There are many ways to get these relationships up and running, but we’ve cemented many productive partnerships at these venues where we’re in our element.

The Skybox- if you have alumni privileges, you can bring your friends and neighbors to games or you can bring someone with a billion dollar checkbook and spend a few hours asking him about where he wants to spend it.

The Golf Course- another great way to spend hours getting to know someone you can do business with.

The Sports Bar-  We host power gatherings at sports bars wrapped around sporting events. Monday night football is a great example. We invite the people we want to do business with to enjoy camaraderie and pitch our services in  a fun and low pressure environment.



  • Attend the Webinars. They will he scheduled regularly where you willbe able to confer with senior management.
  • Ask questions. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.
  • Recruit new teammates. The more members we have the more effective we become as an organization.

We’ll teach you all you need to be successful.

This is not a complicated business. If you can understand an NFL playbook or one from any other sport, there is nothing in the Mergers and Acquisitions industry that will confuse you.

Just some of the things we will work with you on

  • How to work the leads we supply you with
  • How to develop your own leads
  • How to develop a vast network of deal sources
  • How to position yourself against your competitors
  • How to find sellers for buyers
  • How to find buyers for sellers
  • How to value a company
  • How to recognize the people who have an incentive to help you get a deal done… and how to get them to do most of the work!

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